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There are two ways to be published on GidiView:

1.) Free: If you write an exclusive, unique, unbiased article to GidiView that we publish after editing based on our own opinion – check this article as an example:

You can also give us a link to download your app/game or a link to see your movie so we can write a review on it.

2.) Expedited: In this case our journalists will thoroughly review your app or movie and write and publish the article within 5 working days. Expedited post reflects our honest and unbiased opinion.

** Please send us a message concerning how you want us to promote you on our website.

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GidiView’s mission is to showcase the most outstanding applications and movies. Launched recently to be among the first African sites dedicated to app and movie reviews. Due to its popularity, we receive many review requests. While we make every effort to review the apps or movies that have been sent to us. If you would like to expedite the review process and get a full guarantee that your app will be posted on our site, please choose the Expedited option above.


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